Saturday, January 30, 2016

Surprising Anonymity

I feel like it's weird that I've never heard of Kenny Sailors, who is credited with pioneering the jump shot; something as ubiquitous at one time in my life, and certainly globally, that it's like this guy:
2) I saw some issue of Rolling Stone the other day that had an article about the guy who invented the World Wide Web. I had no idea what his name was.  How is it possible that here we have the World Wide Web, arguably the single biggest innovation of the last 50 years or more, and I have no idea who the inventor is but I have the name "Eli Whitney" branded on my fucking brain? I can't scratch my balls without hearing the name Robert Fulton, yet for all I know the dude who invented the World Wide Web could be in my "Where are all the Fuckpigs?" chat room and I'd have no idea. 
Anyway, Sailors just died at the enviable age of 95.

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